For an individual or a company seeking a business in a particular industry or market, with a specified level of sales or profit, in a given geographical area, RB Ames can provide important added value to their search

Comprehensive Research

We research and identify the companies that fit the buyer's search parameters. (Most of these companies will not be actively on the market to be sold.)

Initial Contact

We contact the owners of the companies directly. Often an initial contact by a third party such as ourselves is more effective than when a potential buyer makes that "cold call."

Qualifying Acquisition Opportunities

We conduct the initial meeting with the business owner to qualify the business for our buyer client's consideration.


We gather detailed financial, operating and market information on the business.

Meeting Between Buyer and Seller

Only after a potential acquisition has passed the initial analysis and is of interest to our client, do we arrange and participate in a meeting between the buyer and the business owner.


Where appropriate, we introduce our client to sources of acquisition financing.

Closing the Transaction

Once our client has decided to pursue a particular acquisition candidate, we assist in formulating the offer, conducting the due diligence, and assuring that the process proceeds to a successful closing.

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