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Medical Products Distribution Company

This medical products distribution company exclusively represents premier capital equipment manufacturers whose products create a better, cleaner and more integrated environment for its clients. From product selection and space planning to equipment installation, maintenance and repairs, the company's team of experts provide the highest quality service and the best custom solutions for its clients. The entire team is well trained and prepared to assist its clients to identify the right products for their needs, deliver the best solutions and handle equipment service needs in order to protect the client's investment and maximize the service life of your equipment. An acquisition company or individual with experience in medical products distribution and sales would be best suited for new ownership. 
Listing Price: $2,200,000. 

Manufacturing - plastic products for commercial use

A company that fabricates patented plastic racking systems for supermarkets. Uses sheet goods to make products; any products made by injection moulding or extrusion are done by an outside vendor. Almost all sales are to end-users nationwide. The firm has a solid reputation in the grocery industry for Innovative products that reduce labour costs and enhance inventory management. Location in Pittsburgh. Established 20 years. Rents approx. 16,000 sq. ft. of space in the industrial park; lease renews yearly in September. Flexible hours depending upon production requirements. 2 FIT (production/engineer, financial/management) + 1 PIT (sales) majority owners, plus 3 FIT production Owners will provide for a brief transitional period at no additional cost. 
• Gross Revenues: 2015 -2017: Average $800,000 
• Assets: All furniture, fixtures & equipment (excluding personal use vehicles), inventory, name, covenant not to compete, all customer lists, patents granted & pending, web site, established business value. 
• Cash Flow: $150,000 after owners salaries. 
• Reason for Sale: Retirement of the owners. 

Price: $ $550,000 Owners will consider financing a portion of the purchase price for a qualified buyer

Chemical Products Company

• The company presently services the domestic and Canadian steel industries. This is a low risk business situation for the company given the company's proprietary chemistry and proprietary formulas of the past 35 years, as well as the company's longstanding time in business and excellent reputation in the market served. 

• Annual sales of $1.5-2M per year with profit margins of 50%. The owner has recently negotiated raw material cost reductions; going forward, further reductions are likely, thus resulting in higher gross profit and higher bottom line profit margins. 

• Processes such as chemical blending and warehousing are out-sourced. Space required for $500,000 of inventory is 350 square feet. Also, due to the high product price, monthly orders average 8 per month, all factors resulting in low administrative costs. There are no employees, no liabilities and no debt. 

• The company does not sell directly to the steel makers but through steel company suppliers. Therefore, it has avoided losses due to the steel companies' bankruptcies during the turbulent past 35-year history of the industry. 

• Moreover, significant market growth opportunities exist for the company going forward, such as: in the coal mining use of chemicals; water treatment applications; foreign markets and others. 

• Since a significant portion of revenues come from exports, there is the opportunity to establish an export corporation to take advantage of the favorable offshore profit tax advantages allowed by law. 

• The company is a "C" Corporation and is open to either an "asset sale" or a "stock sale". 

The present valuation appraisal: $3,764,000.

Vending Route Business

  • Scalable business with no limits - each machine a stand-alone profit centre

  • 280 machines; add more machines and more locations

  • Add a variety of machines to existing locations

  • Income generated on Day 1

  • 50-70% Gross margins

  • Can be operated by 1 person

  • Bottom locations can be upgraded to generate more income

  • Machines are less than 2 years old

  • Autonomy and independence

  • Job security

Annual Revenue: $115,000 SDCF $60,000 Price: $125,000

Join the Fresh Revolution - Sold : similar businesses available

Fresh Healthy Vending is the #1 Healthy Vending Franchisor in the USA. We were recently awarded Entrepreneur's title of both Top New Franchise of 2015, and #1 in Category 2015/2016 (Franchisor). Inc. Magazine recognized us as one of America's Fastest-Growing Companies in their "Inc. 500" list. Fresh Healthy Vending is a socially responsible franchisor. We operate out of San Diego, California with 50 employees dedicated to making healthy snacks, drinks and fresh foods available to people across North America and beyond. At Fresh Healthy Vending, we believe that everyone should have these kinds of products available to them whatever they're doing, especially when they're on-the-go and leading enriched, rewarding lives. At Fresh, we create profitable franchises, backed by dynamic social entrepreneurs, which greatly impact their communities one healthy snack at a time. Come join our team! Six FHV machines for sale discounted to $7495 each from an initial price of $10,000. Only one year old and located in revenue-generating locations. Owner is moving out of state and must sell ASAP. The owner will offer additional discount for cash sale! 

Awning Business for Sale - SOLD

This successful company provides commercial and residential designing, manufacturing and installation for clients throughout Western Pennsylvania in a wide variety of awning applications. The company has 25 years of experience in the industry and it continues to concentrate on customer service, competitive pricing and excellent workmanship. The company services both residential and manufactures its frames of aluminum, steel, galvanized pipe and tubing. Most Backlit commercial awning frames are welded for strength and durability. Generally home awning frames are designed with slip-fit or galvanized joints for ease of cleaning and dismantling for the home owner. Annual sales are consistently over $500,00 per year with 2016 revenue reaching $572,000; cash flow $160,000. 

Listing price $470,000.

Vending Route Business - SOLD

This well-established vending business, located in southwestern PA. The business owner is completing his 21st year as vending business operator and his business continues to achieve continuously strong revenue numbers. The revenue growth over the last several years reached over $1M with each of the past few years the sales surpassing the previous year. Sales revenues in 2016: $1,300,000. The company is consistently adding new customers because of its unequaled service and integrity. The business has some annual contracts with its larger accounts in addition to hundreds of other accounts which adds value and diversity to a strong and loyal customer base. The company has been recognized as the leading third party operator in the region and member of the purchasing cooperative, Unified Strategies Group. As a qualifying member of USG, the business receives annual cash award bonuses for attaining sales quotas. In addition, the business has a separate rebate system with Pepsi Cola. Some of the company's assets include 500 machines, 5 vehicles and all the tools and equipment necessary for repair and service. There is a 2200 square foot warehouse area operating from the lower level of the owner's home. Ideal warehouse and office space is available in a separate commercial building close to the present location. The building is owned by the seller which he will lease to new ownership if they choose to remain close to the present location. However, the business can operate from another location depending upon new owner's geographic preferences. This is an exceptional opportunity for a good hands-on owner. If new ownership focused on sales and marketing, the result would be continued growth and success. There is also an option of using a present employee that can assist with daily managerial responsibilities. Seller's Discretionary Cash Flow average per year, $295,000. 

Listing Price: $885,000

Auto Oil Quick Change Business - SOLD

Strong market area, 3 bay auto oil change business. Full-time manager, 2 part-time employees. Business needs hands-on owner to grow the business by developing a basic website and implementing aggressive internet marketing programs. Revenue could easily double in the first year. The fixed costs would remain in place and the additional revenue would be 100% cash flow to the new owner. An SBA loan package is in place: 20% down ($56K) on the building valued at $280,000. Ideal add on location. 

Listing Price: $395,000: Business is sold and property under 5 year lease to purchase agreement. 

Etna Auto Service Center

2 bay auto service business with a loyal customer base. The value of this opportunity is real estate. Located on a corner lot in the centre of Etna, close to Route 8, Route 28 and 62nd Street Bridge. The property could be converted to a C-Store or another business needing a high traffic location, 10,000 cars per day. Location well suited for other businesses or continue the owner's business. limited competition. 
Listing Price $190,000. Under Agreement. 

Food Equipment Distributor

Exclusive distributor with protected territories for strong, nationally and internationally recognized manufacturers. In addition to equipment sales, the company has continual residual sales and revenue sources from training services, exclusive food products, supplies, and service parts. The customers include restaurants, caterers, grocery stores, taverns, convenience stores, and commercial food service companies. The company has a 31 year history of success representing western PA, WV, Eastern NY, and parts of MD & OH. Annual 2015 Revenue: $855,000 plus additional $800,000 in food sales. Present ownership outsources food delivery and service which could be changed with new ownership for additional revenue source. Business Valuation available to qualified buyers.

Listing Price $560,000.

Jimmie's Place: Landmark Tavern with Residence

This tavern and meeting place has an 82 year history and it is a southwestern PA landmark. Purchase a tavern with a colorful history and a loyal customers. The first floor Tavern area is 1800 square feet with an additional 4800 square feet available for expansion utilizing the private party area that was once dance hall now used for private parties and banquet service. The second floor is the owner's home; a 6 bedroom apartment, with 3,700 of livable apartment space and another 2,900 of unfinished space. It is the opinion of the business appraiser that Jimmie's Place could easily be worth 50% more if the hours of operation were to be expanded to the former 2 am closing from the current 12 midnight, extend hours on Sunday to midnight from current closing at 9 pm, convert all or some of the currently unused 4800 square feet space on the first floor to its former entertainment area for live bands, karaoke, and other such revenue generating purposes. The business uses a cost effective, draft and drink monitoring Berg pour system combined with the recently purchased computerized Future Fusion system. A popular bar menu is serviced from the immaculate kitchen. Included in the price is a PA lottery license, vending machines, current inventory, extra furniture and booths and many more extras. The building site is located on 8 lots, with a 6600 square foot concrete basement accessed by a 10x 12 foot, insulated, automated door. The 19, 800 square foot building is heated with a 700,000 BTU Birnham Gas Boiler that efficiently heats the entire building for less than $5000 per year. This is the deal of the century for anyone who want to be in the hospitality tavern business with an upscale residence as a bonus! 

Price: $ 425,000 

Small Business Equipment Leasing Company - SOLD

A well-established business which has been offering equipment leasing options to businesses for 31 years. The company works with numerous business equipment vendors to arrange lease financing for small business clients who need financing in order to obtain business equipment. Other services include term loans and small business loans. The company has a roster of loyal, long-term clients and strong relationships with area banks and equipment vendors. A partial list of the client base includes law firms, restaurants, schools districts, manufacturing companies, software developers and printing companies. Seller Financing and an Offering Memorandum available for qualified buyers.

Gross Revenue: $428,166 EBIDTA: $ 283,578 Price: $440,000 Price with Receivables: $1,200,000

Marcellus Shale Gas Well Shares - SOLD (similar opportunity is available: 300 acres of mineral rights only in the same Marcellus shale area)

The Managing Partner (MP) of this LLC invested $650000 in 2011. Vantage Energy is now the owner and producer all of the operations owned by the MP. The MP has received substantial depreciation against income which offset personal income for the last 4 years. There are losses to carry forward for the purchaser and the opportunity for substantial growth and profit when natural gas prices increase. 

Vantage Energy: had it filed its anticipated $400 million IPO,'s Paul J. Gough, in a September 2014 article, their suggested market cap has a potential to reach 1.95 billion. Rice Energy, Vantage Energy's nearest competitor in size and geographic location, has a market cap of 2.56 billion as of 8/31/15 and a share price of $19.45. Per the same article, Vantage is 312 on the 2014 Pittsburgh Business Times Book of Lists of the biggest natural gas companies operation in southwestern PA. A little less than half of its net acreage is in the Marcellus Shale and in Greene County, 51,771 net acres compared to 38,347 net acres in the Barnett Shale in Texas. 

The firm has 49 horizontal wells in the Marcellus Shale with 18 in production through the end of 2014. Production has grown from 1.9 million cubic feet per day in 2011 to 30.3 million cubic feet per day in March of 2014. Further, they have identified 1,074 drilling locations, 423 in the Marcellus Shale and 312 in the Upper Devonian, with the rest in the Barnett Shale. 

This company is still very much in the "Growth Mode" and despite exploring the possibility of being acquired, they still have many favorable geographical location which should be very attractive to a larger competitor. It is the untapped potential which investors will be buying and anticipating growth as this management team is strong and looking to become stronger by partnering up with a bigger player.

Average 3 Year Cash Flow: $56,322 Price: $225,000

Social Media Business Opportunity

Cutting edge technology in the social media space for all small and medium sized businesses. The company is offering a limited number of licensing opportunities whereby the licensee will own their own social media business and earn a very attractive income. The licensee will earn recurring monthly revenue (RMR) from active accounts, each month and every month.

This is an extremely profitable business and it is easy to get started either on a full or part time basis. It is home based with a licensing fee of less than $ 20K. The company is expanding across the US and it is interviewing candidates. The commission rates are exceptional with no royalties or territory restrictions. 

As the licensee builds their customer base, the residual income alone has the potential for earning 6 figure income within 18 months.

Vending Route Business Opportunity

Begin here and go anywhere. Start a vending business and take action on the goals and plans you have always wanted to do. This is a simple plan for success and your income will begin in within 3 months of making the commitment. The business includes 200 vending machines which includes 50 vending machines for free. These are all brand new vending machines with a lifetime warranty. The business package also guarantees that all machines are placed by third part professional locaters. The company will also fly the business owner to the company's headquarters to attend an extensive training seminar at their Vending University to learn how to run the business. The price of the business also includes all travel expenses, airfare, lodging and tuition. The total cost of this business opportunity is $89,850 and has the potential of generating six figures. These vending machines can also dispense "healthy products" for school vending programs.

Supervised Fitness & Fun Center for Children - SOLD

Profitable Business with Passive Ownership Potential

This franchise is a supervised fitness and fun center for children ages 3 to 10. Children under 3 years of age are welcome at a reduced rate with parental/ guardian supervision. The facility provides many activities that promote movement, help build strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, and helps to build each child's confidence. This concept creates a stimulating environment that makes fitness fun. The franchise is well established at 3 1/2 years old with consistent growth in gross sales and net profit each year. The facility resides in a 3100 square-foot space inside Monroeville Mall, and is currently under lease through 2017. The location is on the ground floor right outside of Dicks' Sporting Goods, with JC Penney on the upper floor. The franchisors have been in business for nearly 15 years, and they are very good at providing all of the necessary support while granting the appropriate level of autonomy to run your business. The franchise has been run by a married couple with 3 children, and is being sold due to owner relocation; otherwise it would not be listed. This is an excellent opportunity to earn consistent income while building equity in an asset, with even higher potential

AR: $157K CF: $41K Price: $136K