Business Intermediaries


Steven Bach

Niko Singh

Daniel Paras

Steven Bach brings more than 15 years of experience in sales, management, leadership, and business coaching that spans myriad industries.  As President of Bach Business Partners, he has worked primarily with landscape business owners on financial plan redemption and long-term strategic and financial planning.  


Joining RB Ames as a Business Intermediary, Steven is now in the unique position to help business owners take the natural next step as they transition ownership or expand their business portfolio.


Steven’s interest in business brokerage stems, in part, from the fact that he’s grown tired of hearing oft-repeated misconceptions about how incredibly difficult buying or selling a business can be.  “People get intimidated.  This process is not unattainable, and I now have the privilege of personally walking business owners through the steps. “

Niko Singh is a savvy business leader with deep roots in the oil & gas industry and extensive executive-level management experience, most recently as the co-founder of Oil & Gas QC firm.  Someone who has experienced the business brokerage process as a client, he is well-qualified to now lead other business owners through the process as a Business Intermediary.

Being able to help a buyer or seller focus on the fine details of the transaction is an area where Niko feels that he can bring tremendous value.  “I’m there to help them anticipate and manage everything – from legal costs to real estate matters, insurance requirements and more. I want my clients to know that I am in their corner and, through the RB Ames team, have the proper support to pursue all the details.  I’ll be there to see every transaction through to the end.” 

Although the business brokerage industry itself is not new, Niko is excited to embrace a “reinvigorated” process with the RB Ames team. Namely, one that makes good use of technology and modern marketing that will add speed and efficiency to the process of connecting buyers and sellers while also creating a broader reach. 

Daniel Paras, owner of Paras Properties, has spent the majority of his 30-year career as an executive leader and business owner in both the retail and real estate market spaces.  His view as a business owner and his personal experience in selling businesses both translate well to his role as a Business Intermediary for RB Ames. 

His knows the “owner mentality” well which means that he also understands why some owners are reluctant to pursue the sale of their business.  “Truly, I believe many are intimidated by the unknown.  Business owners may not know all their options, where to turn or how to get the ball rolling.  As an Intermediary, I can confidently initiate conversations with potential sellers and ask the right questions.  Timing is everything.” 

Daniel’s interest in Business Brokerage – and RB Ames  in particular – is fueled by knowing how much value he can bring to a seller by handling all of the “heavy work” of managing the valuation process, vetting potential buyers, and doing the marketing legwork so that only the most qualified contenders rise to the top.  “I’m able to concentrate solely on all of the important details necessary for a successful transaction and communicate with the business owner at a highest level, allowing him/her to remain focused on day-to-day business management.”